The Keypad

The keypad is a USB computer accessory that works natively on Windows, OSX and Linux. No drivers required. The keypad is fully programmable and user-repairable. The firmware is based on QMK and the electronic components are widely available and inexpensive.

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Latest prototype


Usable for video or image editing, it can be easily configured to automate certain laborious tasks and adapt the ergonomics of your workstation according to your needs.

For example, you can configure the buttons located under the thumb to scroll through your document or to quickly change tools.


The 20 front keys are mounted on hotswap sockets and use cherry MX type footprints, opening up the possibility of using the switches of your choice.

The QMK firmware allows you to use N-keys simultaneously, with a low response time, so you don’t miss any of the action.

Additional thumb buttons can be configured for movement, map scrolling, or to notify your teammates of an action in progress. 6 additional buttons that you can configure as you wish.

Technical informations

The heart of the keypad is a microprocessor made by the Raspberry Foundation: the RP2040. It is a dual core microcontroller that can be reprogrammed by the user.

The buttons located under the thumb are buttons manufactured by omron and support the 10 million pressures.

The switches are mounted on kailh hotswap sockets and can be easily replaced with switches from Cherry, Kailh, Gateron and any other compatible.